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Going Kondō + Sparking Joy…why REALTORS® can thank Marie for the Tidy House Trend!

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Just in time for SPRING…read on for some quick inspiration!

It definitely started after watching a few horrifying episodes of “HOARDING, BURIED ALIVE!” that prompted my search for a kinder, gentler approach to share with my Seller clients.  After all, being a REALTOR with one of Atlanta’s most successful neighborhood brokerages requires a firm, but delicate touch when it comes to having a talk about the dreaded word…CLUTTER!

Now, clutter is essentially something that no longer serves you-but it has morphed into a more broadly used term to describe the spell under which most all of us are living.  We have collections, obsessions, aspirations and good intentions…but when it comes to the business of living, reality must rule.

In the real estate world, decluttering is the key to the door of success. Don’t be shy, face it head on everyone wins!

We have been steadily moving (some of us dragging our heels, kicking + screaming) out of Madonna’s gimme more material world of the ’80’s and into the sleek minimal world of 2019.  We now demand the modern standard of clean + bright, wide open spaces that look directly at us in glowing white or soothing shades of gray.  They warn us calmly that CLUTTER is not welcome in this home!

Enter best selling author Marie Kondō’s enlightening book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.”  Released back in 2014, her wave of popularity has gained global force strength since she has a hit Netflix series ,”Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”.

A must read and a must see for agents and clients alike, you’ll quickly understand how her lyrical approach to organizing the sock drawer or gently folding t-shirts to stand like soldiers can bring tears of joy! Mischief in the home can be managed!

But what about those who have inherited historic memorabilia, antiques & collectibles?  We consider ourselves the gatekeepers of family history who fret over the memories attached to things (real or imagined) and feel fear that we will erase the past if  we let go.

It takes time but the key is to stay focused and realize that we’re all up against ourselves, young + old alike.  Remember, YOU’RE SIMPLIFYING YOUR LIFE SO YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD!

We’ll dig deeper next time into how the tidying trend creates the perfect canvas for staging a house to sell!


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