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We love tiny houses. Tiny restaurants, too!

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Many of us here at Keller Knapp Realty have had more than just a passing interest in the Tiny House movement.  There are so many unique applications for these cute little homes – whether it’s a rental properties, in-law suites, tiny communities with shared common space…the possibilities and ideas are seemingly endless!  Especially in Atlanta, as we strive to find ways to create more density and Affordable Housing in the city, tiny houses may prove to be a significant part of the movement.

So, we were particularly interested in a recent article by What Now Atlanta’s Caleb Spivak (read article here) that announced a second location for Cubanos ATL in Cumming.  While this isn’t exactly in our backyard, intown Atlanta, the idea that a tiny house makes a great restaurant is intriguing.  Is this a “next step” for local restaurants to bridge the gap between a pop-up and a brick & mortar location?  In some cases, could the tiny house be a more permanent location for a food vendor who has thrived with a food truck business?

And, thinking of a larger picture, what about a tiny house “mall” with small stores and restaurants gathered together?  Particularly if a development like this were located along the Atlanta Beltline, could we reduce traffic?

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on what other types of businesses you think would thrive in a tiny house.

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