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I worked with Natalie when buying a home. Initially, I wanted to buy a fixer upper. Natalie has the capabilities to assist not only with my home purchase, but to help with renovating my home. What I loved about Natalie most is that she didn’t pressure me to get a house that needed renovating, she  made sure to have my best interest at heart. I was very specific about what I needed. She knew when to hold my hand and when to let me do it on my own. I told her the area, price tag, and other specs needed. She saw a home, well actually two homes that somehow were not on my radar! I fell in love with BOTH. However, my husband was the deciding factor in which one we purchased. With her knowledge, she made sure not only did the contract and closing went well, but also that our negotiations went through great. We plan to stay in our home for a long while, but if things change; I am calling Natalie!

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About The Author
Natalie Martinez

Natalie leads a unique multi-disciplinary real estate and design practice. Based out of our Midtown office, her team of architects, interior designers, and REALTORS work closely with clients on a variety of residential real estate needs from home renovations after a purchase to fully designed custom homes and lot acquisition. By maintaining an intimate knowledge of both the real estate market, trends, and the design process, her clients can rely on a single source for their real estate and design needs.