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SunTrust Park’s impact on real estate.

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Take me out to the ballgame…

As the Braves progress through the playoffs, why not take a minute to inspect progress in the direct vicinity of SunTrust Park.

Ground broke on SunTrust Park 9/14/14, so we can say that was when real estate was initially impacted, but let’s look at just the last 6 months.


Condos and townhomes will be the subject of this analysis simply because single family homes make up a very small percentage of sales close to SunTrust Park.

The past 6 months, condos and townhomes within a 2 mile vicinity of the stadium sold for 284k on average. During that same timeframe last year they sold for 268k.  That’s an increase of 5.7%, during the same period, Atlanta as a whole rose 4.3%.  It’s also worth noting that average time on market fell from 49 days last year to 46 days this year.  This number is slightly higher than Atlanta as a whole, which indicates even though value is increasing, demand has been somewhat flat.

If this local market can stay as hot as Acuña’s bat, the future looks very bright.

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