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Property Tax Assessments are happening now!

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The time is now for Property Tax Notice Assessments in many counties, so what does that mean for you? Our friends at Campbell and Brannon help break down the process and what you need to know.

How is my property value determined?

A county tax assessor states the Fair Market Value (FMV) of  your property, and then takes a percentage of that value to determine your Assessed Value​.

​The Assessed Value is used to calculate  your property tax for the calendar year. This information is compiled into a Notice of Assessment.  The owner of the property (as of Jan 1 of that tax year) will be mailed this Notice although it can also be looked up online through the county tax assessors website (links to county websites are below.)

What if I want to appeal the Assessment?

If the home’s FMV is higher than expected, with higher taxes to boot, it is in your best interest to appeal the assessment. The owners may represent themselves or hire someone to help them through the process.  If the property has been sold, the current owner may also be the one to appeal the assessment.

Be sure to note that all appeals must be filed within 45 days from the date of the Notice of Assessment.  Make sure you don’t wait until you receive your 2018 tax bill to start the process! By that time the window of appeal will be closed.  The steps for appealing will be found in the Notice or a property tax consultant can help you navigate how to proceed.

If you’d like more information about the assessment process and/ or appealing your assessment, contact us today!  Our agents and partner attorneys, like Campbell & Brannon, are always available to help you in any way we can.

Whom should I contact?

If you would like general information, assistance pulling market data to support your appeal:

Melissa Wakamo, Managing Broker

Keller Knapp Realty/ Red Robin Realtors


If you would like assistance in filing an appeal:

County Website Links:

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