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Wade Vickery


I am a native of Decatur, Georgia and graduate of Decatur High School. With good fortune I married my high school sweetheart, Teresa Vickery, and we have been together ever since.Have managed properties in Decatur for more than 30 years, including budgets, rents, repairs and renovations, I built a home on Lake Russell in Elberton, Georgia, and I built my office building in Decatur.My interest in real estate lies in the environmentally conscious consumers, builders, investors, and sellers. After many years of not being a conscious consumer myself, one day my wife and daughter asked me to recycle some old clothes and shoes. Recognizing how selfish I had been and how the world is changing right in front of us all, I began recycling everything I could. It became clear to me that we all need to do our part to preserve the world we live in, andso this is where my passion stems from to do whatever I can to contribute to the sustainability and preservation of our environment.Certifications:SRESLEED Green AssociateNAR Green Designation Earthcraft Home Certified

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