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Rick Saddler

REALTOR®, Associate Broker

Rick Saddler is a native of Decatur, Georgia with a passion for Real Estate. With a vast background surrounding commercial and residential renovation, construction, management, sales and leasing, Rick brings wealth of knowledge to the service of his clients. A veteran of the US Navy, attention to detail is an added benefit. In 1995, Rick lead a commercial and residential renovation management company. Falling back to his educational background in 2000, Rick joined Morgan Stanley as a financial consultant where he managed financial portfolio’s for several high net worth clients. After leaving Morgan, Rick joined Capstone Partners in 2005 to focus on Real Estate asset based investment banking. This career relationship soon turned into several personal property investments that got the attention of a Homevestors (“We Buy Ugly Houses”) franchisee in 2007. (Homevestors Franchisee) hired Rick to analyze, buy and sell single family homes and condo’s for the firm which lead Rick obtaining his Georgia Real Estate license. From Sales, leasing, financing, renovations and management in both the commercial and the residential arena’s. Rick Saddler is a truly knowledgeable Real Estate professional. Rick Saddler is proud husband and father of two well before the professional accolades. The Saddler family are avid campers, hikers and love outdoors.

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