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Ray Manlove


Above and Beyond

The most important traits a real estate agent can have are patience, a commitment to listening, attention to detail, determination, availability and the willingness to act quickly when you feel that the time is right. These are all skills Ray has developed over his decades of experience in real estate, both as an agent and property owner who has collaborated on multiple builds and renovations.

Ray is hands-on and specializes in the tough stuff, from helping sellers simplify, organize and create great design, to helping buyers see the potential in a property—whether new or neglected. In today’s market you need someone willing to go the distance—someone who will dive into the difficult and tackle the overwhelming challenges that real estate often presents. Ray isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and is dedicated to building relationships with care, transparency and authenticity. He will stand by you every step of the way whether buying or selling.

Collaboration… it’s a beautiful thing!


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    3489 Oregon Trail Decatur, Georgia 30032

    Decatur, GA 30032


    Are you looking for a home that defies the cookie cutter rehabs so prevalent in the current greater Atlanta…

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