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Marie Eustache


Marie Joseé Eustache

From my earliest years as an adolescent, I developed a keen understanding and passion for real estate. I understand the importance of being attentive to the unique needs of each individual client. One of the most essential skills for a productive realtor is strategic communication. Having a bachelors degree in public relations as well as a masters in business administration have furthermore afforded me the ability to fully grasp the science of effective communication and practical business strategies. As a result, I am able to more efficiently negotiate on behalf of each client for a favorable outcome. Over the years, I’ve experienced living in a lot of the great neighborhoods that the city has to offer; from several areas in Norcross to downtown Atlanta and currently Peachtree Corners. I’ve experienced the changes and seen it all.

Having ingenuity and a fresh perspective allow me to continuously evolve and adapt to the ever-changing climate of real estate in Atlanta. My background in marketing is also essential to my ability to aggressively market my clients’ properties and drive qualified leads. The value that my clients see in my services go beyond the traditional methods of facilitating real estate transactions. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time analyzing external factors as technology and the introduction of communication 2.0 to constructively discern how they’ve impacted real estate, thus, identifying “the gap of opportunity.”

Merging my marketing expertise and technological adeptness to master the art of online marketing and home buying for every client is paramount. Multimedia mastery is my competitive edge and that is one crucial benefit of having this millennial on your side! Consider it a real treat when the vibrant personality and professional expertise of your agent can effectively curtail the stress that is oftentimes accompanied with finding your dream home.

Whether you’re buying or selling, I make the process pleasing and professional. In my spare time, I enjoy joy-rides around the city to discover gems and familiarize myself with new developments. Professionalism, trust, and transparency are deemed as the fundamental rights of every client. As your realtor, it will be my duty and utmost pleasure to exercise the highest ethical standards and moral compass when representing your best interest and bottom line.

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