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David Quam


14 years ago, I left a corporate design job to follow my passion- architecture, renovation, and construction of the spaces we call home. I love the excitement when my clients walk through a house and know "this is the one!", or helping them through the process of getting their home ready to sell as simply as possible.

Growing up, I spent a lot of my free time either with my father who was in real estate, or with my buddies, working on American Muscle cars, before obtaining a degree in graphic design. This background in both building and design lets me help clients see more clearly the possibilities of a diamond in the rough and provide insight into the renovation or the new construction process.

My passion for real estate can only be matched by being an avid car collector and drag racer. When not selling real estate, I can be found in a garage tinkering on either the cars, or the garage itself. They say "a dog is man's best friend" I say "it's a car and a well planned garage!"

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