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Beth Lord



I kind of fell into real estate by accident, so here I am. I’m happy to be here.

COMMERCIAL: I am a serial entrepreneur who loves helping small businesses dream, design, build and grow. I have owned and operated businesses in the Design/Build, Marketing, Retail, Events and Food/Beverage industries, some successful, others not so much. Each adventure has come with its own set of lessons and tools for the next.

RESIDENTIAL: I have a passion for design, clean food and my community. I am a Georgia native, a queer cisgender woman and a neurodivergent student of life. Textiles, Interiors and Historic Preservation/Restoration are both my formal background and a lifelong passion. I am committed to work that matters and to making a difference.

As a Realtor®, I am committed to helping clients navigate the complex process of real estate...learning, growing and building a world we can ALL live and thrive in.

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