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Arthur Murtagh


Arthur Murtagh received a Bachelors of Business Administration from Georgia State University and graduated in 2010 with a 4.0 GPA, in addition to being awarded upper level honors. His studies focused on subjects such as accounting, finance, economics, and marketing. Arthur believes the knowledge of these disciplines is essential in the world of real estate, and integral to securing a client the best deal possible. Before graduating from GSU Arthur was offered a paid internship with Georgia Pacific and has been with the company ever since. He now works as a Senior System Analyst and deals with clients ranging from logistic experts to controllers navigating through billions in sales. The high pressure environment and specificity of his work makes Arthur the ideal choice when looking for an agent. He knows numbers through and through and exhibits a remarkable attention to detail. In 2011 Arthur decided to enter real estate on his own in the capacity of a buyer with the goal of purchasing homes to rent. Now, in 2018, Arthur owns seven properties across the Metro Atlanta area as well as outside the perimeter - and he's still expanding. When looking for an agent to represent you in the purchase of a house, which is the most important transaction in many people's lives, having someone on your side who's been through the process so many times can be a considerable asset. Arthur also has experience with foreclosures and short sales which is an added benefit since he knows how to navigate their waters. One of the first things someone would tell you about Arthur is, "He always has a smile on his face." He's a caring and compassionate individual with a level head who looks at every side of a problem to find the most ideal solution. A sense of humor helps too and Arthur is always quick to laugh, but above all he likes to think of himself as genuine and kind. Buying a home is the beginning of a journey and Arthur is determined to be there with you every step of the way until the deal is closed and you have the key in your hand.

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