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Seller FAQs

Why Should I Use An Agent?

Your Keller Knapp agent will not only professionally market your home but also will handle all the behind the scenes work associated with selling a home to ensure that once we do find a buyer, you can move easily and seamlessly from contract to closing.

How much commission will I pay?

In Georgia, seller agency occurs when the real estate broker is representing the seller in a real estate transaction. By signing a listing agreement, the seller is allowing the broker the right to market the property for sale at a specific price and for a defined period of time. The listing agreement outlines the commission the seller will pay the broker if she or he sells the home.  It is customary in Georgia (though not required) for the listing broker to share a portion of this fee with a buyer’s broker.

The commission may vary depending on the services provided by an agent and market conditions.  Your agent will discuss their fee and also review the average commission paid to buyer’s agents in your area.  Together you will decide how much total commission you will pay.

How Much Is My Home Worth?

While there is no crystal ball to determine how much your home is worth, your experienced Keller Knapp agent will use clear market data, as well as her or his intimate knowledge of the area, to develop a market analysis based on recent sales of comparable homes.

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

While average days on market varies depending on location, price and time of year, once a home is under contract, it takes on average 30-45 days for the contract to close. During this time, buyers will have an opportunity to complete due diligence and to prepare their financing terms. Sellers will be able to address any of the buyers’ concerns, make agreed-upon repairs, and prepare for the move.

How Do You Handle Multiple Offers/What If A Better Offer Comes Along After We Are Under Contract?

Your Keller Knapp agent will present all offers to you in a timely manner, even if you are considering another offer or the new offer contains terms you have previously turned away. Your agent then will discuss your options to:

  • Delay acceptance or countering of any offer until any other anticipated offers are received.
  • Accept one offer thereby rejecting all other offers.
  • Counter one offer and thereby rejecting or putting aside all other offers.
  • Provide all buyers with the opportunity to submit new offers by a specific date with the understanding that there is a multiple offer situation.
  • Reject all offers.

What Do I Have To Do To Get My Home Ready?

In addition to addressing glaring defects before listing your home for sale, we recommend going through each room, making sure it is cleaned, de-cluttered, bright, and that no foul odors are present.

Should I Stage My Home?

It is not required but always recommended. Choosing neutral paint colors and removing any clutter, family photos, etc., creates a blank canvas for buyers to envision themselves in the home.

Can I Be Present When Buyers Come See The Home?

We discourage owners from being present when buyers are touring the home. Having the owner in the house makes the buyers uncomfortable. They feel as though they can’t make comments or ask questions that could be offensive.

How Do You Ensure The Buyer Is Qualified To Afford My Home?

Once an offer is made on your home, your Keller Knapp agent will ensure adequate earnest money is part of the signed contract, and she or he will request a pre-qualification letter from the buyer’s agent, stating the buyer has the financial ability to purchase your home. Additionally, your Keller Knapp agent will contact the buyer’s lender to confirm there are no foreseeable issues related to the buyer’s loan.

How Do You Handle Showings?

Once a listing agreement is signed, your Keller Knapp agent will attach a secure lockbox on your house, granting only real estate agents the ability to safely and securely enter your home. The best way to sell your home is to make it available to be seen. Therefore, your Keller Knapp agent will work with you and buyer’s agents to ensure showings are scheduled within an appropriate time frame.